For us at Relevant different tools and technologies for online advertising and online media are everyday life and we know them extensively. Technology choices are made carefully taking into account each customer’s unique needs and goals. We are constantly following the industry and we will get current information on the most suitable solutions for you. We assist in system selection, deployment, and we provide support services and training for the use of systems.

We have a command of eg. the use of these systems:

Examples of the technologies we offer:

Data Management Platform – DMP

Would you like to use your valuable data more effectively and engage existing customers, find new ones and increase sales? Data Management Platform collects real-time data from all devices and applications. Data collected and enriched with DMP can be used to personalize content, target and retarget advertising, and most importantly to increase sales. Read more..

Programmatic buying and selling systems (DSP & SSP)

Purchase and selling of digital advertising is becoming automated at an accelerating pace. Technology, know-how and continuous development are needed both for the media buying and the sales companies. We are familiar with the entire program purchasing ecosystem, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), SSPs (Supply Side Platform), and integrated data and analytics systems. We have implemented advertising buyers with the ability to implement software purchases and commercialized numerous online services through programmatic sales.

Management of Display, Mobile and Video advertising

Adserver integration and implementation requires ad management skills and thorough knowledge of ad operations and trafficking. Content creators and distributors want to boost the revenue of their digital services with smart advertising formats. When it comes to publishers’ technologies, adserver is one of the most important tools. Relevant has, for more than a decade, successfully assisted many clients with ad server projects. In most cases it is most cost-effective to ask an experienced professional for assistance, rather than trying to figure out and manage everything by yourself. Read more..

GDPR Consent

The Relevant GDPR Consent service is a simple and reliable solution to meet the GDPR requirements of a company’s homepage and prevent data leakage. The service registers users who have consented to the use of cookies by their choices when they first visit the site and do not need to be asked for permission again. The service also prevents the collection of unauthorised data and thus safeguards the site from data leaks. Read more..

Native advertising – Strossle

Strossle is a partner for content recommendation and native advertising. Strossle’s technology creates a personalized media experience for every visitor on each visit. For advertisers Strossle provides a natural and efficient distribution channel for their content in high-quality media. What makes the advertising especially effective is Strossle’s ability to target ads based on visitor data and the fact that advertisements are always reflected in the media’s natural content. Read more..

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