Relevant team helps with the challenges of online media and advertising. The range of services includes, for example, various development projects related to the purchase and selling of online advertising, the operational services of online advertising, training, acquisition of digital advertising and data, as well as programmatic sales and the consultancy of it. We are happy to take action from a single project to an extensive strategy work. Our approach is customer-oriented and pragmatic. We are excited about projects where we can help to create better ways of working and new revenue streams.

Examples of our services:

Relevant Adops

Relevant AdOps provides services to support online advertising. Situations change and at times resourcing can be challenging. We provide support as needed either for longer periods or as urgent assistance in unexpected situations such as in cases of holidays or sick-leaves. We can also solve challenging technical problems whenever assistance is necessary. Our team has the knowledge of all the common ad-server, product management and programmatic sales technologies. Read more..

Development Projects and Training

We help our customers to improve advertising revenue, increase value, and create new revenue streams among others. Your development needs may be, for example, developing a data strategy, building an in-house trading desk, commercialising a new service, merging online or offline data, productising and analysing or creating ad placements. In addition to the aforementioned, we offer various tailor-made trainings and workshops. We have helped develop hundreds of online media and redeemed our place as the industry’s leading partner. Read more..

Support Services for Advertisers and Purchase of Advertising and Data

We provide our skilled team to assist with advertisers’ advertising management, traffic, and programmatic purchases. We have extensive experience of online advertising purchasing technologies. We can buy and optimize your campaigns for you or alternatively train your own staff to use different systems. All kinds of online advertising related tutorials and workshops are tailored to meet customer’s needs. Read more..

Programmatic sales of advertising

If you are planning to sell your site’s advertising inventory programmatically, increase your programmatic revenue or modernize your operating models – Relevant is the right partner for your needs. Relevant offers to operate your programmatic advertising as a service whether you want to sell programmatic deals or your unfilled inventory. Based on your needs, we can operate all of programmatic advertising for you. Alternatively, we can help you with individual programmatic challenges. Ensuring you get the best consulting and service, our services are always tailored to meet your individual needs. Read more..

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