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The capability to target messages for the right audience is a key factor for executing successful marketing campaigns. Data is a vital fuel for marketing and the need for premium data and flexible services are growing. Since programmatic buying and audience buying is accelerating, demand for premium data for targeting is growing rapidly on the marketer side. And there is significant potential for all parties, both buy and sell side to benefit of the use of data. Some may argue that users would benefit too, since they get more targeted ads and services.

To meet the market needs and combining some of our core services in data, programmatic selling and services, Relevant has launched ‘Relevant Audience’.

– for advertisers, who want to reach their target audience and increase their marketing efficiency by using high quality data.
for data providers, like premium publishers and data service providers, who need a professional, trustable and transparent partner for data sales.

A data marketplace needs high standards. Safety for advertisers and consumers related to data is a prerequisite. We highly respect audience privacy, and operate our data platform in compliance with existing legislation and EU privacy directives and support the growth and innovation of legal undertakings.

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Relevant Audience – Operating model

We collect user data based on what people read, when they read it, from where they are reading and on which device. Data is collected from high quality data providers, offering data for audience targeting through our solution. Relevant Audience is defining audience segments based on what content the user is engaging with. The audience is segmented, into categories designed to enable advertisers to recognize interest categories. The data is used to improve advertiser campaign efficiency and relevance by targeting of specific audiences. Data providers enables a new revenue stream by selling data.

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