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Relevant Audience offers high quality segmented data, delivered to advertisers through the preferred DSP. Our data sources are mainly local publishers and other data providers, who will offer data for audience targeting through our solution. Our data sources comply with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and the segments are built from data whose use is permitted. Therefore you can safely utilize our segments through Adform DSP, Google display & video 360 and Appnexus.

In addition to the standard audience segments, we tailor segments to meet the needs of the advertisers. Check out our offering on the Segment Finder.

How Relevant Audience works?

We are offering a wide range of interesting audience segment variables:

How to use segments in ad campaigns?

You are able to find our offering from Google display & video 360,  Adform DSP, and Appnexus. Learn how to find Relevant Audience segments in your DSP here. From our Segment Finder you can see the segment size and always find the name where the segment can be found on DSPs. Go explore Relevant Audience segment in our Segment Finder.

We tailor audiences based advertisers needs

Besides ready made segments, we are offering tailor audiences based on your needs.. Ask for Advertiser tailored segments: datasegment(a) or send contact request below.

We are happy to tell more about our data products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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