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Don’t leak data, sell data! Data business has been growing fast and in programmatic trading third party data has become a commodity for advertiser and media agencies. We believe, that data business will continue to grow fast and reach 100 millions of euros in Nordic countries. Data can generate significant uplift for the advertiser campaign ROI and working with publisher first party data can generate additional revenue for publishers and other potential data providers, like for for example app producers, telcos or any other parties which have digital audiences. Providing data for advertisers will open new revenue stream, which is not competing with existing revenue sources.

Relevant Audience is a service, which enables easy and safe data sales

Our service brings together data providers and buyers, who are looking for high quality, transparent data segments. Besides data segments, we are happy to provide a wide range of expertise, tools and services for data providers to improve and develop their sales products, target groups and internal operations.

Our mission is to make data sales possible in a fair, transparent and trustable way. We build target segments for buyers based on your data, and everything is done in co-operation with data provider, of course, based on customer’s needs.

Publisher and Data Provider – these are you benefits from using Relevant Audience:

– Make data sales possible in a fair, transparent and trustable way
– Full control of your own segments
– Open new revenue stream, which is not competing with your existing revenue sources
– InApp data connectivity also available
– Enable audience extension for publishers to re-target own premium site audience
– Optimize your earnings with collaborative data contribution to predefined target groups
– Contribution to large data segments with 1st party data
– Available in advertiser preferred DSPs

Re-target your own premium site audience

Publishers often faces the problem of being sold out of premium audiences. Relevant Audience enables audience extension for publishers to re-target their own premium site audience. The extension process takes a known audience site or category segment and use the data target audiences in OpenRTB or as private deals.

Audience extension is also suitable for sites who would like to invite users back to their site for add on sales. Fx a travelling site, which would like to upsell insurance, accommodation, tour tickets, extra leg-room, etc for segments who have already bought travel tickets.

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