How to find Relevant Audience segments in your DSP?

All segments have a segment name, which you find by clicking the arrow next to the country flag of the category on Segment Finder. Here you’ll find the segment name you need to look up in your DSP.

Relevant Audience segments are available in Google display & video 360, Adform and AppNexus. Simply choose which DSP you would like to use and find out how you enable our audience segments in your campaign.

Google display & video 360

Didn’t you find the segment you needed?

Besides ready made segments, we are offering tailor audiences based on your needs, and we are also able to offer other services like for example washing digital audiences. Ask for Advertiser tailored segments for free: datasegment(a) or send contact request.

Advertiser – Benefits from using Relevant Audience

– High quality segmented data for targeting, delivered to advertisers through your own preferred DSP
– Access to data from high quality publishers and data providers
– Generate significant uplift for the advertiser campaign ROI
– Pre-defined audience segments available
– Custom made segments
– Intent data

We are happy to tell more about our data products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us!