Distribution and management of Display, Mobile and Video advertising and Adserver consulting

Adserver integration and implementation requires ad management skills and a thorough knowledge of ad operation and trafficking. Content creators and distributors want to boost the revenue of their digital services with the smart advertising format. What comes to publishers’ technologies, the ad server is one of the most important tools. Relevant has, for more than a decade, successfully assisted many clients in ad server projects. In most cases it is most cost-effective to ask an experienced professional for assistance, rather than trying to figure out and manage everything yourself.

When a publisher chooses an ad server they should take their time to properly evaluate the options and choose the one that offers the features they actually needs. What each publisher needs varies a lot and one ad server may be a good fit for some while another one may offer different features. Some publishers, has a need for solutions for application advertising, others for tools for video advertising which fits all screens. And everyone needs a solution that seamlessly integrates into programmatic sales channels, allowing the highest possible returns. Over the years, we have assisted dozens of our Nordic customers with setup projects among other with Emediate/Cxense Display, One by AOL, Wideorbit, DoubleClick for Publishers, Appnexus, and Smart Adserver. We will also be happy to assist you with a successful project.

Smart Adserver – The full stack ad server

Relevant has been cooperating with Smart AdServer since 2016, one of the leading direct and programmatic platform for premium media companies. Relevant represents Smart Adserver exclusively in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Smart AdServer is an independent, publishers focused, full stack platform. It allows the publisher to control digital advertising in all formats (display, rich media, video, native) on all screens (desktop, app, mobile) and in all sales channels (direct, RTB, automated guaranteed) – in the right format and at the right time. In addition, it provides ecellent tools for inventory optimization, which allows direct and programmatic advertising to get the best possible return for the publisher. Smart Adserver has more than 200 employees and offices in 9 countries. They have more than 700 publishers and network customers globally. Ads are distributed daily to a total of more than 30,000 sites and applications.

Why we believe that Smart is the best choice?

A unique, holistic approach returns the control to the publisher and help generating revenue in all channels and ad formats. Smart Adserver is developed by publishers, so the system has been developed to the needs of publishers.
The system has built-in rich media capabilities, mobile advertising in all its forms, advanced video advertising, and RTB. Smart AdServer is not only a cost-effective alternative for the publisher but also the best way to ensure a high-quality user experience. For example templates, design and development have been implemented comprehensively, resulting in a reliable full service advertising platform. We recommend a Smart Ad Server implementation which is really needed in a market that is now more fragmented than ever.

How do you get started?

Tell us about your strategy and we will help you forward. We will answer the your questions and evaluate the most appropriate solutions for you without charge. Consulting and setup projects are always produced on a case-by-case basis and we offer the best possible value for the customer. The most relevant experienced team includes online advertising professionals from Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

At Relevant we watch a world that is becoming digitized at an accelerated pace with curiosity. We question old approaches and look for new and better solutions to help our customers succeed. We have already helped to develop more than hundreds of online media content and earned our place as an industry-leading partner.

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