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Relevant team helps with the collection and exploitation of data and development projects. We will be pleased to take action on a single project up to extensive strategy work. Our work is customer oriented and practical. We are eagerly involved in projects where we can help create better ways of working and new revenue streams.

We can help with, for example. these things:

Examples of our data products:

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Segments for advertisers

Relevant Audience offers high quality segmented data, delivered to advertisers through the preferred DSP. Our data sources comply with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and the segments are built from data whose use is permitted. Therefore you can safely utilize our segments through Adform DSP, Google display & video 360 and Appnexus. In addition to the standard audience segments, we tailor segments to meet the needs of the advertisers.

Data-driven marketing

Professional advertisers are using data and data management platforms for advertising. Data Marketing until recently has not been possible without investing in technology and specialised resources. Now, Relevant provides data-driven marketing as a service – as a turnkey project. Get started quickly, without major investments in technology or resources and without long-term commitment.

Data activation (DMP)

Would you like to use your valuable data more effectively and engage existing customers, find new ones and increase sales? Data Management Platform collects real-time data from all devices and applications. Data collected and enriched with DMP can be used to personalize content, target and retarget advertising, and most importantly to increase sales.

Selling your own data – monetise your audience

Relevant Audience is a service, which enables easy and safe data sales. Our service brings together data providers and buyers, who are looking for high-quality, transparent data segments. Besides data segments, we are happy to provide a wide range of expertise, tools and services for data providers to improve and develop their sales, products, target groups and internal operations.

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