Data Marketing – How Can We Help You?

Professional advertisers are using data and data management platforms for advertising. Data Marketing has, until now, not been possible without investing in technology and specialised resources. Now, Relevant provides data-driven marketing as a service – turnkey project. Get access to Data Marketing and start collecting and using your data immediately. You will also get valuable insight about your users in real time and learn more about how to act on your data.

Get started quickly, without investing in technology or resources and without long commitment.

We enable a professional tool and concept for all advertisers:

–  No major investments or technical implementations
–  Deploy only one code in your website
–  The data is collected immediately and desired segments are being created
–  Start data-driven marketing

Reach your audience and take your digital marketing to the next level:

–  Show your users what they want and what they’re looking for
–  Find new customer groups
–  Find audiences that look like your best customer segments
–  Stop wasting advertising, when a customer has already bought or is no longer interested in your products.
–  Upsell to existing customers

Benefits of Data Marketing:

–  Target your website visitors (re-marketing)
–  Easy to use re-marketing (no coding skills required)
–  Use the same data on all digital channels
–  Buy data-based advertising from premium publishers or in Social Media – more relevant marketing
–  Combine data from multiple sources (offline / online)

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