Data Management Platform (DMP) – Increase your sales with data

Would you like to use your valuable data more effectively and engage existing customers, find new ones and increase sales? At Relevant we have assisted several clients implementing Data Management Platform (DMP) projects. DMP’s are valuable for both publishers and advertisers. Data collected and enriched with DMP can be used to personalize content, target and retarget advertising, and most importantly to increase sales. The time spent on the site and the effectiveness of advertising will increase if the content is tailor-made for the visitor’s interest. Target groups can be reached with personalized content and advertising in a real time.

What is DMP?

Data Management Platform collects real-time data from all devices and applications. The data collected from digital channels can be enriched with data from other sources – for example CRM databases, sales data and various analytics with information provided by external and internal systems. Data Management Platforms manages all this information in one interface. Web analytics can be used to identify the potential customer’s interest across devices. By combining this information with age, gender or other demographics, purchase history and assumed intentions with lookalike visitors, valuable audiences can be formed.

DMP enables data mining, analyzing and segmenting and most importantly, increasing the sales and aftersales potential. DMP seamlessly integrates with other marketing tools. Integrity, openness and transparency are key features of a good DMP, as well as tools for activating data in other products – whether for personalization of a website or an online store.

Effective target groups for advertising

With DMP it is possible to build target groups based on collected data. Export of data, allow you to target advertising on your own website, or on external media, using programmatic buying tools, like Demand Side Platforms. Buying advertising programmatically allows you to reach your target audience on external media in relevant content in a safe manner. Target groups can also be augmented using the look-alike modeling. In practice, this means that more potential audiences will be identified as an interesting audience by looking for similar segments from audiences that resembles the target audience. A DMP brings you considerable savings through advertising efficiency and increased ROI.

Utilizing the target group information will help increase the efficiency of digital marketing and increase sales. For example:

nuoli Direct your customers faster to the online store checkout by offering them offers on the products you know you are interested in.
nuoli Find users on with iPhone, aged 40-something who have purchased A product but not B.
nuoli Make use of your own data-base segments to target Facebook ads.
nuoli Tailor the content of your e-mails to the interest of a specific segment.


A DMP only deals with anonymous target group information, almost without exception. In other words, the DMP doesn’t utilize personal identifiable information (PII) associated with a natural identifiable person and messages are not targeted to individual people, but to larger segments of commercial interest. Both our Relevant and our technical partners work in compliance with applicable privacy and data laws and guidelines.

How to get started?

Please feel free to contact us, we will help you safely through the process. We answer your questions and evaluate the benefits for your business, without charge. Consultancy and services are always done in a case-by-case basis – to meet your needs and obtain the best possible result.

We watch a world that is becoming digitized at an accelerated pace with curiosity. We question old approaches and look for new and better solutions to help our customers succeed. We have already helped to develop more than hundreds of online media content and earned our place as an industry-leading partner.

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