Experienced in the digital world or an eager new learner?

Are you an experienced veteran in the digital industry who is looking for new challenges or just starting your career but want to enthusiastically learn about online advertising and online media?

For us at Relevant, the development of online advertising and media is our daily passion. We help our customers improve their returns on advertising, boost the value of the audience and create new revenue streams. We offer AdOps, services, consulting and training. We have extensive knowledge of the tools and technologies required for online advertising and for developing and commercializing online media. Relevant is a Nordic company with 16 employees, that work closely to help Publishers optimize their web-driven business. We do this through our own technology and technology we resell for our partners. We have offices in Helsinki – Finland, Copenhagen – Denmark and Kista – Sweden.

We at Relevant are continuously looking for a wide range of talent to strengthen our casual team. If we don’t have suitable work to offer right now, we will contact you as soon as we need someone.

Read the experiences of the Relevant employees:

Tuukka Aaltonen – Project Manager
Olli Järvilehto – Head of Data
Tiina Kivilahti – Data Analyst Specialist
Suvi Salo – AdOps Specialist

Open positions:

Full stack developer

Send your application and CV through the form or to email which is mentioned in the job advertisement.


Continuous development of profession skills is required for the success of our customer relationships and a key factor in the well-being of our staff.


Our curiosity drives us to question old ways of working and try new things.


Our customers know that we are worthy of their trust. Furthermore, confidence in colleagues is the foundation of our culture.

My first weeks with Relevant AdOps: Suvi Salo

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