Three digital advertising companies merge into one


The Danish Digidee and the Danish/Finnish Twomoon Digital merges with the Finnish company Relevant and will in the future provide digital solutions to media companies in the Nordic region under the name Relevant.

Relevant provides solutions within digital and automated advertising. The company helps media companies gain the best results for their advertisers through the use of solutions that optimise automated advertising and management of digital ad campaigns.

Behind the merger, among others, is Otto Neubert, former CEO for the Adserver-company Emediate and co-founder of both Digidee and Twomoon. The CEO at Relevant is Petri Kokkonen while Otto Neubert is the CSO.

“The Nordic digital advertising market is growing rapidly, primarily within the automated ad sales area, also known as programmatic advertising. By merging the strength and expertise from these three companies, we have built a stronger portfolio and also created the basis for operating media companies in the Nordic countries. We will operate across the Nordic countries, with Denmark and Finland as starting points, but have already identified a partner in Norway and have plans for Sweden as well”, says Otto Neubert.

Relevant was founded 10 years ago and currently has 80 customers in Finland and Denmark. Among the high profile Danish customers are Mediehuset Ingeniøren,, Aller and Eniro. Relevant helps media companies within three areas: Digital solutions and tools within all types of digital advertising (display, mobile, video- and native advertising); they advise media companies in the development of digital advertising; and they offer solutions within tagging- and data management, as well as content optimization and ad serving.

For further information please contact:

Otto Neubert, CSO at Relevant via cell: +45 20 20 00 55

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