Thank you for the past year!


A lot has happened in the past year. But to summarise, I could say that 2017 was the year of data, development, international growth, new colleagues and of course, great customers.

Here are some highlights of our year 2017:

– In February our great service team Relevant Adops received a new member when multitalented Suvi Salo started in our team. She is helping our dear customers in Finland and in other Nordic Countries.

– In April our development in data services started to speed up when Olli Järvilehto started working for Relevant as the Head of Data and took the lead of commercial development of Relevant’s data business. Olli received two new Analysts in his team – Tiina Kivilahti in Finland and Rasmus Josefsen in Denmark.

– Shortly afterwards we launched our new data marketplace Relevant Audience. Relevant Audience has already gained significant traction in Finland and Denmark with more than 20 million users from premium data providers and over 300 audience segments. Sweden has already started to take off with more than 1 million users.

– In July we got a new Project Manager Tuukka Aaltonen. Tuukka is helping our customers in various tech and business development projects. In addition to customer projects, Tuukka is focusing especially on developing our portfolio of data driven marketing solutions for advertisers and agencies. By the end of year we were ready to launch our new product Data Marketing, which is a data-driven marketing solution as a service.

– In August we launched Relevant Audience – Segment Finder which helps Advertisers to find valuable segments that are available on Relevant Audience.

– In October our growth continued and we opened an office in Stockholm. Our new System Architect Samuel Palmer was the first employee in Relevant Sweden. In December we added more power to fuel our digital services and welcomed Mikael Roupé to our family as the new Digital Business Manager.

– In October our official company name changed to Relevant Digital. The change was due since Relevant’s wide-ranging data and technology know-how, as well as the strong service business bring more value to a larger customer group than what our former name gave the credit to.

We have been privileged to deliver several fascinating customer projects during the year. We have helped our customers, for example, with DMP migrations, integrating offline and online data sets as well as real time online sales data. We have also been happy to provide help in online sales personalisation needs, audience modelling, data strategy, header-bidding and ad-server migrations.

There has been a vast amount of inspiring development during the year, but one thing has stayed the same: our mission to increase the return of digital encounters of our customers. This is the path we will continue to follow in the future.

We would like to thank all our customers and partners for the past year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2018!

– Relevant team

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