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Unlock the potential of a loyal audience

23. May, 2018

This is a Q&A with CMO Michael Nevins from Smart Adserver about unlocking the potential of a loyal audience. Read more about the perspectives seen from our partners viewpoint.

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What is an Ad Server?

10. April, 2018

Here’s a simple definition. An ad server is a web server that stores online marketing advertisements and delivers them to digital supports like websites, mobile sites or mobile apps. The ad server’s interface allows users to manage their advertisements. That includes putting the creatives online, setting the delivery parameters and targeting, serving ads, as well as monitoring and optimising online campaigns.

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Smart Partners With Google DBM on Programmatic Guaranteed

9. February, 2018

Advertisers can now more easily get the quality, delivery and price guarantees they seek, with Smart’s new Programmatic Guaranteed integration with Google DoubleClick Bid Manager. Smart is the first independent publisher full-stack platform to announce this Programmatic Guaranteed offering alongside the company.

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Smart Expands Programmatic With Rubicon

24. October, 2017

Smart, an independent ad serving platform based in Europe that gives publishers greater control over their ad inventory than other ad servers, is bolstering its programmatic options through a new server to server partnership with the Rubicon Project, operator of a global ad exchange.

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Gaming Apps Monetization: Q&A with A. Chakroun Mobile & Rich Media Product Owner at Smart AdServer

18. April, 2017

Q&A with Ahmed Chakroun Mobile and Rich Media Product Owner at Smart AdServer to learn more about games developers expectations and how they can deal with gaming apps monetization.

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8 Ways to Boost Your 2017 Programmatic Monetization Strategy

27. January, 2017

We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out our infographic for the top 2017 trends!We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out the top 2017 trends!

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Deliver Powerful Ad Experiences with Rich Media formats

27. December, 2016

Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.

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Focus more on mobile in 2017!

22. December, 2016

A lot of publishers, or at least their revenue streams, fell through this gap on the leap from print to digital. Now, there is another challenge publishers face. This time, it’s within digital, and it is the increasing focus from desktop to mobile. In this sense, desktop has become the new print for publishers..

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How publisher can regain control and succeed

13. December, 2016

We took the opportunity to address the financial constraints of the online publishers in the online media sales. We invited CEO Pernilla Boshuis from MatchAds and COO David Pironon from Smart Adserver on stage to discuss the opportunities of how publishers can over win the competition and regain control.

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Go-To Vertical Video Format

11. November, 2016

This new product is VAST compatible and can be sold through programmatic channels, which will allow publishers to offer advertisers appealing inventory and, ultimately, increase their CPMs.

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