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Where to pay attention to in digital business and marketing in 2019?

19. December, 2018

At the turn of the year, there is always a habit to predict what the next year will bring in digital business and marketing, and what topics will become the hottest in 2019. Also at Relevant, we had a look at our own crystal ball and listed, in our opinion, at least the following themes will create discussion in the coming year.

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Growing trend: in-housing in digital marketing

27. November, 2018

The talk about advertisers’ desire and need to take their digital marketing operations into their own hands is running hot. According to the IAB Europe’s report, 54% of European advertisers are in-housing programmatic buying of advertising this year, and 43% of those remaining are considering in-housing. The same trend is also strongly arising in the Nordics, as more and more advertisers are testing, or at least considering various models of digital marketing within the company.

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Transparency of the data market in a post-GDPR world

5. October, 2018

When GDPR rolled out 4 months ago, the whole industry was hyperventilating and some feared the programmatic advertising trade would come to a full stop if the consumers’ consents for the use of data would not be obtained. At Relevant, we were convinced that GDPR would free the market of the most suspicious players.

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New Reader Index reveals discrepancies between content production and consumer preferences

3. January, 2018

Too many articles about sports and too few about family and parenting. This ratio might be evened out by a change in how publishers write. These are some of the conclusions from a new European Reader Index published by the Swedish media tech company Strossle.

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Programmatic – where to pay the most attention right now?

11. December, 2017

Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising. There are lot of talk about programmatic and here we share, what we think are the most important trends to pay attention to right now.

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Fighting against domain spoofing will help publishers and advertisers alike

15. August, 2017

Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is an IAB project aiming at eliminating counterfeit and unauthorized inventory. Its main goal is to fight against domain spoofing: buyers can verify if the seller (who sends the publisher URL (domain) in bid requests) is legitimate and authorized to sell inventory (impressions) originating from this publisher URL.

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Relevant viewpoint: Better Ads Initiative

3. May, 2017

For many years ads has been an important part of the media ecosystem subsidizing the cost of content and services for consumers. But advertisers and medias meet new challenges as consumers blocks the ads on digital medias.

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Relevant Viewpoint: Creative predictions for 2017

8. March, 2017

Relevant Viewpoint investigates pain points, success stories and trends in the industry and in this interview we discuss the progress made by publishers in 2016 and what to expect in 2017 with Gustaf Jilken, Director Nordics, Integral Ad Science (IAS).

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Relevant viewpoint: Out of the shadows into the limelight

21. February, 2017

Text by Anna Paimela. Anna is a technology and privacy lawyer, head of IAB Finland’s data protection working group and partner at Iconics Consulting. Companies should raise consumer awareness of the role of third parties in supporting free online media. It is high time to step out from the shadows into the limelight – that is of course if you have nothing to hide.

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Proposed ePrivacy regulation create problems for programmatic advertising

2. February, 2017

The proposed new regulation presented by the European Commission is supposed to replace the current Cookie directive by the same time the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. Even though they are related, there are important differences and, unless the proposal is changed, it could prove to be a major problem for all who are working with digital, and especially programmatic, advertising.

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