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What are 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and how can they be used in marketing?

5. December, 2019

Data is one of the key drivers of successful marketing. One of the biggest challenges for the marketer is crystallizing the data, prioritizing it and making it usable. What kind of data you are most useful as a marketer depends on your current situation and your goals.

Read more joins Relevant Audience, which will become Finland’s largest independent data marketplace

21. November, 2019 is joining Relevant Audience, Finland’s largest independent data marketplace. It currently includes 18 million unique browsers, as well as 500 million monthly data collection events.

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Where should you pay attention to when buying data?

16. January, 2019

Armed with audience data, you can target ad viewers for example at a demographic, psychographic, and behavioral level, resulting in highly targeted ad campaigns that are also more relevant to the target audience. In today’s competitive business environment, marketers must have access to “the right data at the right time” in order to be effective. But the world is full of data so how would marketers know whether the data is of high quality and worth to invest in?

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How to select an effective target audience for your ad campaign?

1. October, 2018

In the flood of advertising messages, it is becoming increasingly difficult to touch and get noticed. In addition to a convincing advertising message, it is also important to pay attention to targeting and make sure the campaign is targeted to those who are most likely to be interested in a product or service. This also serves the recipient of the message.

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Relevant Digital data survey

24. May, 2018

It’s interesting how fast the data market is growing in the Nordics, but to get a deeper insight, we conducted our own data survey in April 2018 – this time among Finnish advertisers and media agencies. The main goal was to explore the experiences advertisers and media agencies encounters in using audience segments. Now we are happy to share some of our findings:

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Relevant Audience expands to Latin America

10. April, 2018

We’re starting the year with new growth opportunities. Relevant Digital is now partnering with publishers and agencies in LATAM to leverage on the regions steady digital growth. As more agencies and advertisers dive into programmatic buys and given the digital market expected growth for 2018, the choice to explore Latin America is an exciting one.

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What can Relevant Audience offer Danish advertisers?

9. March, 2018

Relevant Audience has already welcomed a large number of high quality data providers. In Denmark our partners includes,,,,,,, blogging sites in Bloggers Delight network and many more.

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Segment Finder helps advertisers to find valuable segments available on Relevant Audience

9. January, 2018

We have released Segment Finder to help advertisers find valuable Relevant Audience segments from different DSPs. With Segment Finder you can find all the segments that are available on Relevant Audience.

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Relevant Digital Expands Swedish Operations

8. December, 2017

Relevant Digital started our new Swedish venture with one employee in Stockholm in October. Now we’re adding more power to fuel our digital services and we’re happy to announce that we have welcomed Mikael Roupé to the family, as our new Digital Business Manager.

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What audience segments are advertisers interested to buy?

2. June, 2017

“Data is the new oil” has become a common expression for decision-makers and has been mentioned at several occasions. A Google search turns up more than one billion results of data – but what audience segments are advertiser interested to buy in Europe and what brands are investing in audience data?

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