Ad Serving

How to improve the visibility of ad placements?

27. February, 2019

Placement visibility plays a significant role in business on commercial sites. Ad visibility has for long been a hot topic among publishers, advertisers, and agencies. The visibility of the placements, or viewability, is measured by in-screen values. Paying attention to the visibility of placements can significantly affect your earnings. Bad in-screen values tell the publisher that at least these things need more attention.

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Client Side Header Bidding models in Programmatic sales

10. November, 2018

Header bidding is a technique where the publisher offers the same ad impression, to multiple ad exchanges, simultaneously. Once the highest bid is selected, it is sent on the ad server and the chosen creative is displayed. The idea is that by letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, publishers increase their yield and make more money.

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What happens in the Adops?

9. November, 2018

AdOps, which primary task is to support sales and implementation of online advertising, is one of the most strategically important units for online advertising and sales management. Typically the AdOps team takes care of, for example, setting up advertising materials for distribution systems, ensuring the technical functionality of advertising, campaign tracking and reporting.

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Unlock the potential of a loyal audience

23. May, 2018

This is a Q&A with CMO Michael Nevins from Smart Adserver about unlocking the potential of a loyal audience. Read more about the perspectives seen from our partners viewpoint.

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What is an Ad Server?

10. April, 2018

Here’s a simple definition. An ad server is a web server that stores online marketing advertisements and delivers them to digital supports like websites, mobile sites or mobile apps. The ad server’s interface allows users to manage their advertisements. That includes putting the creatives online, setting the delivery parameters and targeting, serving ads, as well as monitoring and optimising online campaigns.

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Smart Partners With Google DBM on Programmatic Guaranteed

9. February, 2018

Advertisers can now more easily get the quality, delivery and price guarantees they seek, with Smart’s new Programmatic Guaranteed integration with Google DoubleClick Bid Manager. Smart is the first independent publisher full-stack platform to announce this Programmatic Guaranteed offering alongside the company.

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Programmatic – where to pay the most attention right now?

11. December, 2017

Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising. There are lot of talk about programmatic and here we share, what we think are the most important trends to pay attention to right now.

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What’s the Difference Between Google AdSense and DoubleClick AdExchange?

13. November, 2017

When choosing the way and the tools to sell ad inventory should you take time to properly evaluate the options and choose the solution that fits best for your needs. There are many of choices at the market but here we had clarified the differences between Ad Exchange and AdSense

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My First Weeks at Relevant: Tuukka Aaltonen

12. October, 2017

Tuukka has started at Relevant as a project manager in July. After getting to know the different parts of the business he has focused especially in our portfolio of data driven marketing products for advertisers and agencies. Another area where specialises is in running online service commercialisation projects for Relevant’s customers. We asked Tuukka a few questions about utilising data and his first thoughts as a member of the team Relevant.

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Publisher, add the Ads.txt file to your site now!

10. October, 2017

The Implementation of Ads.txt file has become a standard very rapidly. By the end of October, DoubleClick Bid Manager will only buy a publisher’s inventory from sources identified as authorized sellers in its ads.txt file when a file is available.

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