Relevant’s Customer Satisfaction


In the end of 2016, we carried out our very first customer satisfaction survey among our Relevant Adops customers. We would like to thank all participants for your feedback, it’s a great help for us to develop our services and our future cooperation. Here is the summary of the overall result:

Overall rating to our Services 8,61 / 10:


Relevants service is overall considered to be both friendly, skilled, quick and trustworthy. We see that there’s room for improvement here and there, but mostly the feedback is that, the quality of service tends to improve over time, when we get to learn the customers needs and preferences.

We also see a trend that customers seek assistance for improving workflow and testing out new formats. Programmatic consulting is increasing and we are happy to be able to assist customers in these business areas too.

The Relevant ratings services on a scale from 1 to 10:

Friendliness – 9
Expertise – 8,9
Accuracy – 8,7
Response time – 8,5

Our customers want us to get better at.. (% of respondents):

Being proactive – 22%
Faster response / resolution time – 20%
Clearer communication – 20%

Random Picks:

“You can always count on Relevant’s quick and expert service. I would hope more knowledge about different video systems and especially DFP knowledge.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“Things are improving all the time! ”

Thanks for all your feedback. We look forward to support and help you develop your business.

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