Relevant receives funding from the TEKES Digiboost programme and expands activities with Relevant Audience


At Relevant we work with analytical tools and data reporting for online media. Relevant is a front runner in enabling digital commercialisation and we have recently been approved for funding from the Tekes Digiboost programme. The Digiboost programme enables SMEs and Midcap companies to enhance their understanding of digitalisation and its utilisation in business operations. This is very suitable for a company like Relevant with the will and ability to grow internationally by means of digitalisation.

So, what is Digiboost? Digiboost funding is for companies that have made the decision to increase their expertise to better utilise digitalisation and achieve rapid growth in their international business. The aim is to harness digitalisation to create new earning opportunities and operations and methods that boost the company’s competitiveness. In many cases, the exploitation of digitisation requires a company to develop its management and operating methods. The development of management and operating methods can form parts of the Digiboost project.

Relevant may acquire new expertise by purchasing expert services or through recruitment. It can also include its own payroll costs related to the Digiboost project. This is exactly what Relevant has applied for and received funding.

The funding we have received is intended for hiring more expertise with in the field of building and maintaining our data marketplace Relevant Audience and to expand the service internationally. We are now in the process of finding more data analysts and developers to assist the growth of the new promising data market.

If you want to know more about careers in Relevant, please feel free to visit our career page.

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