Relevant joined to IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework


Relevant has signed up to IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework program to help publishers, technology vendors, agencies and advertisers ensure they are GDPR compliant regarding the access and processing of data and/or personal data. The Framework is especially relevant for publishers (first parties), who have partnered up with third parties, to enable those third parties to process user data. The program provides a standardised mechanism for requesting, storing and sharing user consent along the supply chain.

The core of the Framework is vendor lists:

A general list of personal data processing purposes
-storage and access to information
-ad selection, delivery and reporting
-content selection, delivery and reporting

A general industry-wide vendor list
– All the technical platforms in the advertising supply chain that can store and process personal data.

Relevant is a responsible and trusted partner

Relevant strives in all its activities to comply with the requirements of the new Data Protection Regulation and to act responsibly. Relevant Audience, which provides target groups for programmatic purchases, for example, only accepts data partners whose data is legally collected and trusted.

In order to obtain and pass on advertising on a programmatic sale, we use an open-source mechanism where the publisher requests the visitor’s consent on their website with the Consent Management Platform (CMP). The site asks for which purposes and actors personal information can be used. By combining all the consents, a string is formed and forwarded along the supply chain to all buying platforms.

All in all, the requirements set by GDPR are still looking to become well-established in this new situation. In the near future, we will certainly see how the policies and practices align.

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