Relevant introduces Relevant Consent – a GDPR Website Compliance Solution, in cooperation with Ensighten


The clock is ticking – Data processors and data providers are all sharing the same headache; how to become compliant easy and safely without disrupting the user experience.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means significant changes for your entire organisation. GDPR outlines a new, stringent set of rules for collecting, storing, transferring and auditing consumer personally identifiable information (Personal Data). GDPR applies to any business engaging with consumers in the European Union, regardless of the location of the business entity. If you have any 3rd party tags on your website, you are at higher risk of noncompliance.

For the GDPR, the most important are the Transparency and Consent requirements of the user’s new data protection rights.

Cooperation with Ensighten

Relevant Digital is now partnering up with Ensighten to support the markets need for a GDPR compliance solution. Petri Kokkonen, CEO of Relevant Digital says:

‘Data has endless opportunities and websites needs data to support personalisation, increase advertising revenues and relevancy and analysing their website performance. But without a solution that unifies the notice and consent requirements to GDPR, organizations will be at risk of damaging user experience. Failing to abide by the new regulations will lead to a loss of brand trust and organizations will be exposed to substantial penalties and fines.’

The GDPR offers a new challenge to today’s Marketer but it also provides an opportunity to engage in a trusted and even more relevant experience with the customer. Organizations that embrace this change and build consumer trust will form even stronger relationships and achieve an even deeper understanding of their customers’ needs. Ensighten Privacy puts the customer at the center of that discussion and not only seeks to understand their preferences and gain consent but also actively enforces those choices on their behalf.

‘We are excited to work with Relevant Digital as they share this vision for the future. We believe they are uniquely placed to help drive consumer trust under the new GDPR environment to help bring Marketers an even greater level of understanding of their customer and their preferences,’
 says Matthew Hauck, VP, Global Partnerships at Ensighten

Relevant is partnering with Ensighten, for representation in the Nordic countries, offering the market a GDPR Website Compliance Solution and business consulting.

About Ensighten

Ensighten is the world’s leading consent and monitoring provider and has for years worked closely with data protection supervisors, privacy leaders, policymakers, technologists and marketers to develop an GDPR Website Compliance Solution, based upon Ensightens existing patented technology – the first unified solution to help organisations achieve compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws requiring notice and consent.

The compliance solution is available in Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian along with 5 other European language versions. The solution is easily deployed by installing a single line of code via any Tag Management System or directly onto the website. Organisations can also select GDPR compliance level in accordance with risk profiles and review dashboard highlighting of how many visitors have opted-in and -out of each of the marketing technologies.

Still confused about what the GDPR means for your business?

This easy-to-read guide will help you get up to speed on GDPR quickly. Download today and learn how to leverage GDPR to build better relationships with your customers.

For more into: Contact Otto Neubert at otto.neubert(a)

Download product information about the GDPR Website Compliance Solution.

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