Relevant Digital’s Customer satisfaction


At the end of 2019, we carried out our customer satisfaction survey among our Relevant customers. The survey was conducted for the fourth time. We would like to thank all participants for your feedback. It’s a great help for the development of our services and our future cooperation. Here is the summary of the overall results.

Overall rating of our Relevant service was 8,2 on scale of one to ten. Relevant’s service overall is considered to be friendly, trustworthy and easily reached. Our technical expertise was also highly valued. Our customers found proactivity, clear communication and response time are our main areas for development. We will continue to maintain and develop our strong media market expertise.

The Relevant ratings services on a scale from 1 to 10:

Friendliness – 9.1
Availability – 8.9
Technical expertise – 8.6
Reliability – 8.5
Knowledge of the media market – 8.5
Accuracy – 8.3
Clarity of communication – 8.1
Response time – 7.9
Proactivity – 7.4

Random picks

“Expertise is at a high level.”
“You are doing great, continue in the same way!”
“Thank you for good service, great guys and expertise in consulting of various topics.”
“I am very pleased with the service level and the response times.”
“Big thanks to Olli Järvilehto!”
“The service offering has gone to the right direction from our point of view. Great guys!”
“Big thanks to Late for good and quick help :-)”
“Also today I got quick help from Relevant in an ad hoc case. Thank you! “
“The terms are challenging. There could be a simple compilation of the big picture in a way that would be easy to understand. At least the terms could be explained in headings. In this way you could get more value out of the results.“

Thanks for all your feedback. We look forward to supporting and helping you develop your business.

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