Relevant Audience expands to Latin America


Buscador de Segmentos – Relevant Audience is a premium data marketplace whose goal is to offer high quality segmented data, delivered to advertisers through the preferred DSP. All data sources are local publishers and data providers, who offer trustworthy data for audience targeting through the solution.

We’re starting the year with new growth opportunities. Relevant Digital is now partnering with publishers and agencies in LATAM to leverage on the regions steady digital growth. As more agencies and advertisers dive into programmatic buys and given the digital market expected growth for 2018, the choice to explore Latin America is an exciting one.

The new Latin American adventure

The new Latin American adventure is launching in Peru with plans to expand to neighboring countries in the following months. Javier Kudo from the digital consultancy company Technologist Media says:

‘We share the same vision and objectives as our European counterparts: building data marketplaces to help publishers monetize their audiences in a different way; as well as empower agencies to achieve better results with their campaigns using locally sourced, recent data from premium sites and apps.’

Olli Järvilehto, Head of Data at Relevant Digital continues ‘It’s exciting to see the growing interest in our technology and services. We are really happy that our approach to enabling audience segments for advertisers also appeals to advertisers in Latin America.’

Relevant Audience is launching the first audience segments in cooperation with Grupo RPP, which represents over 13.9 million* users in Peru and manages several online websites; RPP Noticias, Studio 92, Capital, Oxígeno, Corazón, Felicidad and La Zona online.

How to find Segments?

Data is presented in Segment Finder, where advertisers can find all segments available in Relevant Audience. You can filter segments by region, type and IAB categories and see the size and recency of the audience. Relevant Audience segments are available in DoubleClick Bid Manager, Adform and AppNexus. Here you can find out how you find audience segments in your DSP.

Relevant Audience was introduced to the Nordic Market in 2016 and are now offering audience segments created from more than 20 million users in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Read more about Relevant Audience here.

*Source: Google Analytics (Oct. 2017)

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