joins Relevant Audience, which will become Finland’s largest independent data marketplace


MTV and Aller set up a joint data marketplace in 2016. However, the companies have now decided to end their collaboration and is joining Relevant Audience, Finland’s largest independent data marketplace. It currently includes 18 million unique browsers, as well as 500 million monthly data collection events.

MTV’s Director of Product Development Saku Sahramies commented on their decision to join Relevant Audience: “We have a long history of data collaboration with Aller. We started out experimenting with two publisher models and learnt valuable lessons from it. The major reasons for joining Relevant Audience are scale and data diversity. Audience publishers work together to create a great combination. Again, we are bringing a good addition to this with a big and diverse news site. An added bonus is a shared set of values – reliability and transparency of data are very important to us.”

According to Sahramies, Relevant is capable of commercializing Audience because the data marketplace must have interesting and high-quality ready-to-sell segments. Additionally, significant customers need to be able to offer highly customized segments to support their business. The collaboration with Relevant concerns’s rapidly growing news service. In addition to the Relevant Audience partnership, MTV will continue to sell its own data in Adform under the name MTV-Audience, and will develop its own data capabilities, especially for sign-up-identified consumers.

Olli Järvilehto, Head of Data at Relevant Digital, is pleased with joining Relevant Audience. “I am very happy that decided to join in on the Relevant Audience and I look forward to our cooperation. This allows advertisers to build better and more comprehensive audiences, enabling them to streamline their digital advertising and get a better ROI. 10-15% annual growth in the data market is driven by programmatic buying and high quality and importance of data in new customer acquisition. We see that segments tailored to advertisers are booming. Finnish BtoB companies have finally seen the potential of data – our business segment is growing steadily.”

For more information:

MTV: Saku Sahramies, +358 40 834 5586

Relevant Audience: Olli Järvilehto, +358 44 378 8037

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