Autumn is the time of change


Summer has quickly turned to Autumn. In both private and business environments, Autumn often gives the opportunity to start with a new drive after the holidays and inspires to make changes. Small changes have also taken place with us at Relevant. We have gained a new member to our management team, Olli Järvilehto, who is responsible for our data business development. Congratulations to Olli! Are you familiar with our management team yet? On our site, you can read short introductions of the members of our management.

A new perspective for Autumn and hot potatoes in the industry were also served on 11-12th September in Dmexco. This year many discussions took place at the conference about artificial intelligence and machine learning, data, programmatic advertising and advertising security. There were more than 40,000 visitors including some of our members from Relevant. If you did not get to visit, read our blog for a small summary of the themes in the industry in 2018.

Our parner Cxense has also gone through some changes. They have launched a new tool, Conversion Engine, which helps to easily convert readers to subscribers without losing advertising revenue. Conversion Engine is based on dynamic, data-based and real-time personalization, and it works on all devices. We have discussed the Conversion Engine on our blog. Read the post and find out what it is all about.

Autumn is also the time to prepare advertising campaigns for the rest of the year. Have you already familiarized yourself with Relevant Audience’s target group segments? In Adform, Google Display & Video 360 and Appnexus there are already more than 900 target groups available to be used in campaigns. From the extensive offering it might be difficult to find the most suitable ones for your campaign. We also wrote about this topic on the blog, so if you’re looking for better audiences, read our tips for choosing the target audience.

Wishing you a nice Autumn,
Relevant Team

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