Relevant is sponsoring ‘Programmatic Advertising & Marketing Automation 2017’ on November 28th in Copenhagen

8. September, 2017

Programmatic will continue to refine buying and selling processes and shift attention to higher-value marketing and advertising functions. Automated platforms and services can continue to drive industry growth through increasingly relevant and effective advertising, flexible publisher monetization opportunities, and enhanced consumer experiences. Relevant is excited to sponsor the event and we’re looking forward to meeting peers in the industry.

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Fighting against domain spoofing will help publishers and advertisers alike

15. August, 2017

Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is an IAB project aiming at eliminating counterfeit and unauthorized inventory. Its main goal is to fight against domain spoofing: buyers can verify if the seller (who sends the publisher URL (domain) in bid requests) is legitimate and authorized to sell inventory (impressions) originating from this publisher URL.

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Relevant & Smart Adserver is sponsoring IAB Finland’s seminar: Opportunities with Programmatic buying

13. April, 2017

IAB Finland and its partners are hosting the leading programmatic buying event, to marketing professionals in Helsinki, on April 25th. Relevant & Smart Adserver is one of the sponsors. IAB Finland have put together a comprehensive program, highlighting perspectives on programmatic buying opportunities.

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Relevant viewpoint: Out of the shadows into the limelight

21. February, 2017

Text by Anna Paimela. Anna is a technology and privacy lawyer, head of IAB Finland’s data protection working group and partner at Iconics Consulting. Companies should raise consumer awareness of the role of third parties in supporting free online media. It is high time to step out from the shadows into the limelight – that is of course if you have nothing to hide.

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Proposed ePrivacy regulation create problems for programmatic advertising

2. February, 2017

The proposed new regulation presented by the European Commission is supposed to replace the current Cookie directive by the same time the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. Even though they are related, there are important differences and, unless the proposal is changed, it could prove to be a major problem for all who are working with digital, and especially programmatic, advertising.

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8 Ways to Boost Your 2017 Programmatic Monetization Strategy

27. January, 2017

We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out our infographic for the top 2017 trends!We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out the top 2017 trends!

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How publisher can regain control and succeed

13. December, 2016

We took the opportunity to address the financial constraints of the online publishers in the online media sales. We invited CEO Pernilla Boshuis from MatchAds and COO David Pironon from Smart Adserver on stage to discuss the opportunities of how publishers can over win the competition and regain control.

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Programmatic techniques – What is Header Bidding?

26. October, 2016

Programmatic selling may mean automation in theory, but it still requires plenty of behind-the-scenes work to connect the buyers to the sellers. Header bidding is one of the many ways that publishers can try to get more revenue for their ad inventory programmatically.

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Are the definitions surrounding programmatic confusing you?

14. October, 2016

Get it all straight in one minute flat. This video sheds light on: OpenDirect, OpenRTB, open auction, private auction, preferred deals, direct deals, Automated Guaranteed, programmatic guaranteed, PMP (private marketplace), programmatic reserved, programmatic direct, and programmatic premium.

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Automated Guaranteed – what’s new?

19. September, 2016

Well, Automated Guaranteed is the new standard of programmatic trading, which makes guaranteed buying more efficient and tempting and gives the buy side the possibility to buy premium sites easily

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