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Relevant Viewpoint: Real World E-mail Marketing

16. June, 2017

In three years the New York Times has doubled their list of newsletter subscribers accumulating to an impressive 13 million, according to an internal memo. Part of their success is due to their strategic approach to e-mail which includes a range of niche newsletters such as local news as well as more frequent publications.

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Tips for a Successful Ad Server Migration

18. May, 2017

Are you considering to change ad server? At Relevant, our consultants have helped many clients maintain successful businesses throughout the years. We like to share some important tips based our experience of severals migration projects.

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Relevant viewpoint: Better Ads Initiative

3. May, 2017

For many years ads has been an important part of the media ecosystem subsidizing the cost of content and services for consumers. But advertisers and medias meet new challenges as consumers blocks the ads on digital medias.

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Relevant Viewpoint: Creative predictions for 2017

8. March, 2017

Relevant Viewpoint investigates pain points, success stories and trends in the industry and in this interview we discuss the progress made by publishers in 2016 and what to expect in 2017 with Gustaf Jilken, Director Nordics, Integral Ad Science (IAS).

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8 Ways to Boost Your 2017 Programmatic Monetization Strategy

27. January, 2017

We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out our infographic for the top 2017 trends!We’ve got 8 ways to make sure you’re on track with your programmatic digital marketing strategy. Check out the top 2017 trends!

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Deliver Powerful Ad Experiences with Rich Media formats

27. December, 2016

Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.

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Go-To Vertical Video Format

11. November, 2016

This new product is VAST compatible and can be sold through programmatic channels, which will allow publishers to offer advertisers appealing inventory and, ultimately, increase their CPMs.

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Smart AdServer and madvertise launch Native Parallax format

27. October, 2016

Smart Ad Server and madvertise have launched a high-impact, native parallax format available for both display and video on mobile and in-app. The aim of the new format is to provide a “non-disruptive” user experience.

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What’s a Full Stack Ad Platform for Publishers?

6. September, 2016

Cross-platform and cross-channel, it allows publishers to deliver advertisements on the right device, in the right format, at the right time. In addition, a full stack supports yield management, which lets direct and programmatic sales compete and, in turn, offers publishers the best price available.

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Cooperation with Smart AdServer

24. August, 2016

Relevant Partner 4 Media Oy has just announced its partnership with Smart AdServer, leading direct and programmatic platform for premium media companies.

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