Quality segments for Advertisers

Relevant Audience is a premium data marketplace which goal is to offer high quality segmented data, delivered to advertisers through the preferred DSP. Our data sources are mainly local publishers and other data providers, who will offer data for audience targeting through our solution. We are always willing to share our data sources with advertisers as well as the methods we have been using for building specific segments. We are continuously developing our segments and new data providers are constantly joining our platform. We have already created a wide range of demographic and interest based segments, as well as more tailored audiences. Some examples: people interested in weather information for European cities or people who are looking for specific jobs.

How Relevant Audience works?

We are offering a wide range of interesting audience segment variables:

1. IAB interest categories, fx Automotive, Sport, Travel, etc.
2. Demographics, fx gender, age, household income etc
3. Seasonal segments, fx Easter, Holidays, Sports events
4. Data provider specific segments
5. Advertiser tailored segments

Go explore Relevant Audience segments in our Segment Finder

Besides ready made segments, we are offering tailor audiences based on your needs, and we are also able to offer other services like for example clearing house services for boarding digital audiences. We are happy to tell more about our data products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us!
You are able to find our offering from DoubleClick Bid Manager and Adform DSP, and we are adding more DSP’s soon.

Advertiser – Benefits from using Relevant Audience

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