Relevant Programmatic

Relevant is a first choice business partner when it comes to programmatic advertising. We offer programmatic advertising products developed by people with many years of experience within the publishing and advertising industry. It is our mission to make the new ways of advertising easy and efficient for our customers.

nuoli  Will help you increase your programmatic yield from multiple demand sides
nuoli  Delivers frequent reporting to analyze your inventory
nuoli  Your Account Manager will support you on any programmatic question

What is Relevant Programmatic?

Relevant Programmatic is a service for publishers to sell display inventory, programmatically. It’s a combination of different SSP’s (supply side platforms) optimized to guarantee the best possible reach to different DSP’s (demand side platforms). It’s an SSP, but optimized for better reach. Simply a fully managed solution – we do all for you. And it’s very cost efficient.

Who operates Relevant Programmatic?

The system is fully programmatic. It’s about optimizing and monitoring the performance and the revenue streams. Our professional background in display advertising started in the way early 2000’s and our reputation among publishers as SSP provider in the Nordic market is second to none. We operate as your service provider. Our professional staff in Finland and Denmark delivers the service operations. You will be appointed an account manager who will work with you on optimizing your revenue and cooperate on improving your product portfolio.

How do I get started?

We will handle all the set up and allocate the resources for getting you started. No installation needed. All you need is to realize the concept of the Relevant Programmatic. It’s all about optimizing your revenue programmatically. You do not need any additional resources or training in the new platform.

The team are online pioneers from Denmark and Finland with a professional background in display advertising and technology business from early 2000’s. In 2011 we introduced programmatic advertising and have assisted more than 50 publishers in successfully implementing programmatic strategies for their online business.

We are 20 people working hard to secure your success, serving customers in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Spain and Italy.

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