My first weeks with Relevant: Rasmus Josefsen


My first weeks with Relevant: Rasmus JosefsenRasmus started working for Relevant as an Data Analyst in June. Rasmus is working with analysis of online data and creating segments for Relevant Audience, the data marketplace which offers high quality audience segments from data providers and publishers, to qualify advertisers programmatic media buying. Rasmus is assisting sell side customers to find the most valuable audience assets and buy side customers to find most valuable audience. Many hours are spent on monitoring, evaluating and developing audience segments.

We asked Rasmus some questions about his new role with Relevant Audience and the his first experiences of being part of Relevant team.

What got you interested in working for Relevant?

What piqued my interest for Relevant was its emphasis on transparency, addressing a need in the market that is getting more urgent as data starts to occupy a larger role in the industry. It is inspiring to work for a company with a vision towards a fairer marketplace that generates new revenue sources for publishers while increasing the effectiveness for advertisers.

As a consumer Relevant’s focus on high quality data to target advertisements is also interesting. My growing frustration with online advertisement that has no relevance for me, makes me sympathize with those who would use an ad blocker. The advertising industry can do better, and Relevant is!

What makes the digital industry compelling to you?

The increasing use of ad blockers is evidence of the fact that people are swamped with information. Data is increasingly being used to benefit people’s lives in a multitude of areas, and the same is occurring in advertising. Targeting through data will improve the relationship between advertisers and customers, and result in increased revenues along with customer satisfaction.

It is motivating to work within an industry undergoing such rapid growth and the resulting challenges, participating in the process of leveraging digital advertising to its true potential.

What have you enjoyed mostly during your first time at Relevant?

The first weeks at Relevant I have been consistently impressed by the breadth and quality of the publishers signing up. This is echoed in the data quality and makes it a pleasure to work with segmenting data.

The team has also been excellent in welcoming me in and collaborating across borders. There is an energetic atmosphere and focus on helping each other perform as experts in the industry.

Would you like to join to our Relevant team?

Are you an experienced veteran in the digital industry who is looking for new challenges or just starting your career, but want to learn about online advertising and online media? Relevant are continuously looking for a wide range of talent to strengthen our team. Check our open positions.

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