Consulting and training for online media

The Relevant team provides consulting in all kinds of challenges related to commercializing and developing online media. Our ultimate goal is to improve returns on online advertising, boost the value of an audience and create new revenue streams. For the editorial staff we assist you optimize the user experience and subscriber optimization. We are happy to handle everything from individual projects to extensive strategy work. Our work is customer-oriented and we are very willing to work on projects in which we can grow and expand our own know-how. So please contact us even if you cannot find your own challenge from the list.

Examples of consultation:

Management and commercialization of data – Collection, utilization and commercialization of visitor data.
Ad server consulting – integrations, implementation and migration.
Programmatic sales – Sales models, systems and processes.
Sales models and processes – Effective models for the sales and processes of online advertising.
Productization and price models – Productization and pricing solutions for online advertising.
Inventory and ad placement analyses – The sales rate and potential of inventory and efficiency of ad placements.
Content marketing and native advertising – Productization, systems and processes.
Video advertising – Possibilities and commercialization of video.
Training – We provide training with all the tools we promote and produce various workshops when needed.

Adserver Consulting

Adserver integration and implementation requires ad management skills and a thorough knowledge of ad operation and trafficking. We can help you to:

Choosing your ad server
Setting up your ad server for your website/websites or group of blogs
Organize your ad sales
Monetize your ad operations
Ad server migration
Integrate your ad server to external sources like financial systems, data resources, CRM systems, workflow systems a.o.
Programmatic strategies

Ad Server set-ups are the most important structure in a publisher’s business and our consultants have helped many clients maintain successful businesses throughout the years with Cxense Display, Adtech AOL, Admeta, DoubleClick for Publishers and Smart Adserver.

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