Segment Finder helps advertisers to find valuable segments available on Relevant Audience


We have released Segment Finder to help advertisers find valuable Relevant Audience segments from different DSPs. With Segment Finder you can find all the segments that are available on Relevant Audience. You can filter segments by region, type and IAB categories and see the size of the audience and its age. The information regarding the name of the segment in DSPs can be easily accessed by clicking the small arrow next to the segment. You are able to find our offering from DoubleClick Bid Manager,  Adform DSP, and Appnexus.

We are constantly developing the site and therefore we hope to receive your feedback to help the Segment Finder serve its users as well as possible. You can explore and utilize the Segment Finder at Remember to save the site to your favorites as well.

Didn’t find the segment you needed? We are tailoring audiences upon request, enquire a new segment by email: datasegments(a) or send us a contact request here.



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